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Characters from the Castle Crashers game from The Behemoth
Characters from the Castle Crashers game from The Behemoth

Castle Crashers Remastered Release Date Announced for Switch, PS4

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Developer The Behemoth has officially announced the release date for the upcoming port of Castle Crashers Remastered set to arrive on both the PS4 and Switch. This will mark the first time fans have seen the classic beat ’em up for modern Sony and Nintendo consoles since its original inception.

Check out a brand new trailer for the remastered port for the Switch and PS4 versions below:

It’s been an incredible long wait for both Sony and Nintendo fans to get their hands on the remastered title, as the game has been available on the Xbox One and PC for quite some time. The blog post from The Behemoth not only mentions the lengthy duration between additional console releases, but also goes into a bit of detail as to why the wait has been so long for the PS4 and Switch.

“Although Castle Crashers Remastered has been around for quite some time, we haven’t brought a game to a Sony system since the PlayStation 3, or a Nintendo console since the GameCube. We’ve gone generations in between then and now, and while we’re beyond excited to be bringing Castle Crashers to modern consoles, making that leap has come with a number of difficult development challenges. Some of these challenges took us longer than expected to work through; in fact, the PlayStation 4 version of the game is still going through it’s final approval processes, which is why we are not yet confirming it’s exact launch date. However, we wanted to take our time to make sure that when we launch the game it is complete, polished, and the best quality it can be. ” – The Behemoth

So, for now, it seems as though the additional console releases are going as planned but PS4 owners need to wait it out just a bit longer. For more details, there’s also a very informative Q&A for the game which should provide all necessary details on the upcoming release.

Castle Crashers Remastered is set to release on the Switch on September 17, 2019 while the PS4 version is slated sometime soon after.

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