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Capcom Cast
Capcom Cast

Capcom – To Revive ‘Dormant IPs’

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Capcom for lack of better words has been killing it as of late. Really bringing their name back to the prominence a lot of us grew up on back in the day. Honestly, Capcom has been laying low and putting in the work to earn back players’ trust and it’s working wholeheartedly. We can go all the way back to January 2017’s Resident Evil 7: Biohazard that really brought the franchise back to the horror genre while bringing something original to the table. In fact, a Resident Evil 7 prequel is set to be released soon in Japan. Capcom gave the Nintendo Switch Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers when it launched as well. Capcom also reached into the vault and has been giving us collections of classics like MegaMan, Resident Evil, some of their old-school beat em ups and more.

It would be one thing for Capcom to give consumers all this and leave their franchises dormant, but in just the past year alone bringing Devil May Cry back with the fifth installment and remaking the classic Resident Evil 2 has proved profitable for Capcom. The company has clearly noticed as they’ve announced in their financial report that both games were a huge success. By March of 2019 (only two months after Resident Evil’s release and barely any time after Devil May Cry’s release), RE2 sold 4.2 million and DMC sold 2.1 million copies. Again keep in mind that is only as of March 2019, those numbers are plenty higher now. With this news, Capcom announced that they plan to revitalize some of the other IP on the shelves.

What Capcom franchises do you want to see revived? Personally bring back Megaman Command Mission and the Battle Network series and I’ll be a happy camper. Let us know what you want to see and make sure you follow Gaming Instincts on Twitter and Facebook.

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