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Capcom Reveals Project Resistance Teaser Trailer

During the Tokyo Game Show which started this week, Capcom finally pulled back the curtain a little on their next Resident Evil installment, Project Resistance. While the new project was teased a couple of weeks ago with a new website opened up, the official teaser trailer was unveiled which gave viewers a closer look at what to expect in the upcoming survival horror title.

Check out the teaser of Project Resistance below:

There’s been a lot of speculation as to what Capcom will be trying out next in the long-running horror survival series. After the monumental success of both Resident Evil 7 and Resident Evil 2 Remake, it’s seems up int he air. There was also what seemed like a hint towards a Resident Evil 3 Remake earlier this year, and considering the fan feedback after experiencing the incredible remake of the second title in the series – it wouldn’t be too surprising to see Capcom continue their success with a third remake.

However, there’s also some talk about how Capcom will tackle the next title in the series. While the series has been known more for its third-person camera angle, the first-person view worked remarkably well in the seventh installment. Regardless, it seems as though Capcom has options for their next move and it’s certainly exciting to wonder what lies ahead for the Resident Evil series.

But now, after laying our eyes on the new teaser it seem Project Resistance is something entirely new as it will have players teaming up in a group effort to take on the survival horror gameplay. While many were already speculating a co-op style adventure, this seems to be a full-on team-based 4-player game with more than just a duo of players taking on enemies.

Capcom will reveal more on the new title later in the week between the dates of September 12-15, 2019 as the Tokyo Game Show continues to shed more light on the new project. And along with more details coming later in the week, there’s also said to be gameplay demos during the Game Show which may have us seeing some actual footage of the new title sooner rather than later. It’s certainly an interesting move in the Resident Evil series, especially considering both Resident Evil 7 and the Resident Evil 2 Remake were so well-received by the fan base.

Regardless, look for more details to arise later this week on the new Project Resistance spin-off title in the Resident Evil series.

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