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Call of Duty MW
Call of Duty MW

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare – Out Ahead of Release

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is right around the corner, it drops this Friday, however, the game has leaked in its entirety before the release date. Earlier this month we talked about the file size of the game and the huge Day One update you’ll need to download before you play the game. The game genuinely seems to be on track to have a solid launch. Last week Activision came out and confirmed that Call of Duty will not have any loot boxes, not just for this iteration of Modern Warfare but future Call of Duty titles as well.

Copies of the game have been floating around and at first, users were only able to get to the title screen. However, if you don’t download the Day One patch, users can actually play some of the Combat Training and test out some of the weapons. The Combat Training mode is the only playable mode we can get to but being able to practice with some of the weapons gives us some data as well.

The bombshell announcement Activision sneaked in during a PlayStation State of Play is that Spec Ops: Survival Mode will be a PlayStation 4 exclusive for an entire year. Microsoft won’t see this Spec Ops mode until 2020, which as most of us can assume will be when the next iteration of Call of Duty will be released if not around the corner. What we haven’t seen from Activision yet though is some kind of roadmap for the DLC that’s meant to come out and exactly how microtransactions will work moving forward.

What do you think about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare? Are you willing to cop the game later this week? Are you one of the lucky ducks that have played the game early? Let us know in the comments section and make sure you follow Gaming Instincts on Facebook and Twitter.

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