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Call of Duty Mobile artwork
Call of Duty Mobile artwork

Call of Duty: Mobile Receives Firing Range Guide

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Activision has given Call of Duty: Mobile players some insight regarding the Firing Range map, aimed at giving less seasoned gamers an idea on how to use the map to their advantage.

The publisher first discusses the “Lay of the Land,” basing the map on a major U.S. island military base. “This medium-sized training course is built to prepare soldiers for a wide variety of combat scenarios.” The team goes on to talk about the map’s spawn points and the main attractions, hinting at the type of warfare conducive to thriving in certain areas of the map.

From there, Activision discusses some basic tips for succeeding on the Firing Range. “Completing Call of Duty: Mobile’s Tutorial gives you a taste of what this map is all about: it is a mix of open space and interior combat that suits a wide variety of play styles.”

For the most part, the map is open, however, several buildings offer plenty of cover. The tin building offers good sightlines towards the armory and trailer, a large platform offers a good angle of mid-map, and mid-map is considered a proverbial No Man’s Land of chaos.

Activision then provides some “Mobile Master Tactics,” discussing the necessity of defending every point of entry at the tin building for those who want to use the location as a sniping position. Moreover, the map’s watchtower is available for players who gravitate towards a more long-range approach.

Furthermore, the publisher provides a “Scorestreak Field Guide” and a “Survey of Objective Play.”

Finally, Activision lists their top ten tips for navigating the Firing Range map:

  1. Call of Duty: Mobile’s tutorial will give you a great taste for what this map has to offer. Expect a wide variety of engagements – from close-quarters tussles to long-range shootouts – on this medium-small sized map.
  2. Firing Range’s buildings could act as power positions, as they offer ample amounts of cover with some even offering some high ground to prey on those running about the map.
  3. The small path between the tin building and watchtower might be a tough route, especially if fighting from the map’s center spills over. Be careful when traversing through here and consider alternative routes out of the firing range shack to the map’s center.
  4. Is there an annoying sniper sitting in Top Tin? Try switching up that attack strategy by doing some parkour up a stack of tires or a narrow barrier to potentially catch that soldier by surprise.
  5. Firing Range’s notorious watchtower can be a great power position, but be careful when climbing up to it, lest you be shot down while scaling the long ladder.
  6. Keep your balance across a wooden beam from Top Tin to the cliffside, and you may be rewarded with a unique way to catch an enemy player in the watchtower.
  7. The giant wooden building has a hole on the second floor that can be used to escape a hot gunfight to go on the Northern path. When staking out this area, be careful not to accidentally fall through this hole!
  8. Buildings in Firing Range are a lot more open than you think; be careful when hiding in one of these buildings in the event of an enemy Scorestreak, especially if it doesn’t actually have much of a roof left…
  9. The middle of the map can be a warzone, especially in objective game modes. Consider capturing an objective here quickly before escaping to a defensive power position in a building.
  10. Our most important tip, as always and for every map in Call of Duty: Mobile, is to have fun!”

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