Butcher is Available Now on PS4

Butcher is Available Now on PS4

It was announced by Crunching Koalas, that Butcher – a rapid 2D shooter and a blood-soaked love letter to the cult classics of the genre, developed by the studio behind Soldat and King Arthur’s Gold – releases on PS4 today and on Xbox One tomorrow.

Check out the launch trailer of Butcher, featuring some gameplay footage:

“As a cyborg programmed to eradicate the last remains of humanity, your sole purpose is to well… annihilate anything that moves. Grab your weapon of choice (from chainsaw, through shotgun, to grenade launcher) and kill your way through underground hideouts, post-apocalyptic cities, jungles and more. And if you’re feeling creative, there are plenty other ways of ending your enemies’ misery – hooks, lava pits, saws… no death will ever be the same.

BUTCHER’s main features:

  • Ultra-violent uncompromising carnage in the spirit of Doom and Quake (chainsaw included).
  • Release your inner artist, paint the walls with (permanent) blood (up to 4 million pixels available to be painted per level).
  • Use the environment (saws, hooks, lava pits, animals and other) to brutally dispose of your enemies.
  • Put your reflex and patience to the ultimate test.
  • Choose from an array of weapons (featuring classics like chainsaw, railgun and the deadly grenade launcher).ç
  • Soak in the dark atmosphere reinforced by a wicked, heavy soundtrack (while you kick corpses around).
  • Die painfully: melt in lava, become piranha food, get crushed by heavy doors… and more!

About Transhuman Design

Transhuman Design is an independent studio led by Michal Marcinkowski, creator of Soldat, the indie classic that dominated the 2D multiplayer world and directly inspired games like N, Showdown Effect and Take Arms. Soldat was followed by King Arthur’s Gold, a very successful (and crazy) multiplayer build’n’kill game featuring ridable sharks, shields used as parachutes and catapults employed as rapid means of transport into enemy base. The current projects range from Butcher, a blood-soaked love letter to Doom and Quake, to the atmospheric, story-driven Transmigration.

About Crunching Koalas

Crunching Koalas is a small game development team based in Warsaw, Poland. After developing and publishing MouseCraft, an indie puzzler commonly described as a mix of Lemmings and Tetris, they decided to start helping other indies in getting their titles (like BUTCHER, Lichtspeer or Sky Force Anniversary) published on consoles.”

For more information on Butcher, visit its product page.

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