Bulletstorm Duke of Switch Edition

Bulletstorm Heading Over To The Switch, Including All DLC

During the PAX East panel for Gearbox software, the veteran studio has announced that Bulletstorm will be making its way over to the Switch with the Duke of Switch Edition.

The Duke of Switch Edition is the Full Clip Edition that was ported over to other consoles in 2017, which includes all of the DLC form the game. Players will be able to play as Duke Nukem himself on their hybrid Switch consoles when the game is set to release this summer.

Check out the Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition Accolades trailer to see what the Switch is getting below:

The remastered package will include all performance upgrades found in the previous release to other consoles, such as smooth 60 FPS, remastered audio and even playing through the entire campaign as a fully voiced Duke Nukem.

Switch owners will be able to get their mitts on Bulletstorm: Duke of Switch Edition this coming summer. Stay tuned for an official release date to reveal itself later down the line.

In other news, Gearbox also revealed their highly-anticipated sequel, Borderlands 3, – among other revealings – with a powerful Developer Trailer.

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