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Brrrainz Coming Later this Year

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Brrrainz Coming Later this Year

Startup games developer Yeti Culture has discovered a unique way to satisfy your cravings for digital meat…they have envisioned Brrrainz – a tasty game, in which your task is to lead an undead army of zombies on a hilarious mission to fill their tummies, and to bring misery and destruction to any human or town in their path.

Coming to PC, Mac and Linux as a single-player gameplay experience later this year, it offers the unique opportunity for its players to ZAMPAGE!

Watch the official trailer of Brrrainz:

Brrrainz is entering the final stages of development, and is on Kickstarter seeking fresh, meaty victims to secure its release. With its lighthearted story filled with humor and pop-culture references, it takes you back in time to the wonderful 60s and 70s, while reinventing the classic zombie genre to create a brand new concept of play. Brrrainz is the story of the shambling dead, not the rugged survivor. The game that everyone has wished for is finally here, because everybody knows that zombies are the real heroes, right? Each enemy you defeat has a chance to be turned into an undead ally, and the larger your horde, the more havoc you can wreak together. How awesome is that?!?

Traversing Middle America you will have to manage the many characters that make up your horde. Hungry zombies are slow zombies. Ensure that your zombies are well fed so that they always have the energy to fight. Along the way you will encounter unique Freaks – zombies that retain special skills from their former lives. Use them to give your undead friends a fighting chance against the crafty living. Colorful Lumberjack and a special appearance by no other than The Rock God Boss – a Jimmy Hendrix look-alike – are just part of the fun! (No, really…it’s true; see who else you may recognize!)

Inspired by decades of zombie movies and games, Brrrainz masterfully combines action and strategy, and promises to offer a refreshing and inspiring take on the “Zombie Game.” Cool features include zombies with special attacks, a unique control system, famous undead pop culture icons and plenty of yummy victims.

For more information on brrrainz visit it’s Kickstarter page.

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