Bright Memory: Infinite

Bright Memory: Infinite Chinese New Year Update Available Now

Publisher PLAYISM and developer FYQD-Studio recently announced the release of the new Chinese New Year update for the FPS action game Bright Memory: Infinite which adds new costumes, several optimizations, fixes, the third-person “Perspective-Assist” mode, and the PC exclusive Toon Rendering option. A new trailer was also released. Bright Memory: Infinite is available on PC, Xbox Series X/S, PS5, and Nintendo Switch.

The full details via the publisher can be seen below:

Perspective-Assist – When you turn on “Perspective-Assist” mode in settings, Shelia’s model will be displayed on-screen. Shelia’s model will only be displayed while moving and firing a weapon without aiming. The camera will revert to first-person when aiming, using skills, using the Light Blade, defending, and grappling.

New Downloadable Content Costumes – Currently only available on PC.
Cyber Rabbit: Shelia (Steam, GOG)
Rabbit School Uniform: Shelia (Steam, GOG)
Toon Rendering for PC – Renders the character model in a cel-shaded toon style. Press the home key in-game to switch models.

Optimized NPC character models and improved frame rate.
Optimized the lightning effects of the Six-armed Emperor’s lightning attack and improved frame rate.
Optimized GPU processing of the flame effects when the Giant King is in its second form.
Optimized the “check weapon” action for the assault rifle to make the arm movement more natural.
Optimized the motion blur after the sneaking mission.
Adjusted the skins menu to show the newest skins first.
Optimized Shelia’s model in the skins menu so that her left arm is in a more natural position.
Optimized the lighting in the skins menu.
Fixed an issue where checking weapon with the crosshair turned off will prevent you from picking up items or shooting.
Fixed an issue where players can attack while climbing.
Changed the tiger doll with a rabbit doll in the car chase mission.

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