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Golden Turd
Golden Turd

Brian Blessed to Voice Star in the Upcoming The Game Golden Turd

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Brian Blessed to Voice Star in the Upcoming Game The Golden Turd

It was announced by Rusty Tiger Productions, that world-famous actor Brian Blessed is set to lend his famous roaring voice talent to the forthcoming game entitled The Golden Turd, a twisted tactical multiplayer FPS which is currently in development for Steam Greenlight and now live on Kickstarter.

Check out the announcement trailer of The Golden Turd, featuring some gameplay footage:

“The Golden Turd, scheduled for release on the Steam network in late 2017 is the debut game from new UK-based indie developer Rusty Tiger Productions, in which up to 64-players will engage in demented frenzied online battles as tiny fly warriors, each with wildly different skills and abilities.

Pending hitting our Kickstarter goals and Contract, Mr Blessed* will voice-star as the colossal human nemesis of the flies who will rage into action upon certain in-game triggers and player actions, initiating huge boss encounters where players can choose to either stand and fight alongside their team mates in gigantic high-stakes battles or flee for safety.

Joe Park, Project Director on the Golden Turd said: “The whole team is absolutely over the moon that Mr Blessed* has expressed an interest in joining us on this project, subject to contracts. He is a hero to all of us here at Rusty Tiger, and we are very excited to see him inject his incredible personality into the game.”

Rounds will take place on the ground and in the air across a number of massive human environments where squads of fly warriors will stage daring raids to snatch and harvest food which is converted into number 2’s in the race to construct the magnificent golden turd; a gigantic solid-gold poo.

Rarer, more high-value foods and power-ups will be hidden in secret places around each world, all loaded with a variety of devious player-activated traps and hazards.
At launch, we are aiming for 14 playable characters across 7 different classes, each with unique abilities and some of the most deranged but destructive weapons in gaming history, including the Hive cannon, a honey squirting, enemy tracking fist-full of swarming bees.

Another key feature, which we believe is completely unique to the Golden Turd is its living armor system, in which players will be able to call on the help of other insects to form actual living defenses in battle. These handy companions will not stick around forever however, when they take too much damage, they will flee, leaving players vulnerable to attack.

The Kickstarter campaign is already live and has been chosen by Kickstarter ‘as a project they love’. With stretch goals, we are aiming to raise £175,000 for the development of the game. We are offering a range of exclusive backer only rewards, including unique numbered character action figures, and the chance to meet Mr Blessed* for a unique 1-on-1 experience in London.”

For more information on The GoldenTurd, visit its Kickstarter page.

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