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BoxBoxBoy! Will be Released this Month

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BoxBoxBoy! Will be Released this Month

Today at the Nintendo E3 livestream it was demonstrated the gameplay for the BoxBoy’s sequel called BoxBoxBoy!, this HAL Laboratory follow-up has been available in Japan for quite some time, so fans of the original title will be glad to see it being released in the West – it’s coming to both Europe and North America on June 30th.

In Boxboxboy!, players solve puzzles with side-scrolling movement by assembling various shapes with boxes to move, open locked doors, block hazards and more. The game have a lot of medals to collect, which will unlock a whole lot of extra content such as various outfits to wear.

The first BoxBoy! will go on sale today for $2.99 on the Nintendo eShop. Nintendo also announced, that it will have an extra discount given to My Nintendo members. BoxBoxBoy! will cost $4.99 at launch.

Check out the demonstration of BoxBoxBoy! at the Nintendo E3 Livestream:

“It’s time to think outside the box once again. Our boxy hero, Qbby, has a new power that lets him create TWO sets of boxes. He’ll put every box to use to survive perilous traps across more than 120 puzzling levels. Learn new tricks and box formations to get past obstacles like switches, spikes, and even lasers! If you’ve played the critically-ac­claimed first game, BOXBOY!, every costume earned can be carried over into BOXBOXBOY!


  • Put every box to use to beat more than 120 new levels in this boxy sequel.
  • Take medals, earned by completing stages, to the in-game shop to acquire new costumes like the Robo-Suit, read humorous comics, or listen to the tunes of BOXBOXBOY!
  • If you’ve played the critically-acclaimed first game, BOXBOY!, you can unlock many of those costumes too, because every costume earned in BOXBOY! can be carried over intoBOXBOXBOY!
  • Use Qbby’s new power to create two sets of boxes.
  • Discover new ways to use boxes to your advantage to get past obstacles.”

For more information on BoxBoxBoy!, visit its official website.


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