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Boundless Announced for PlayStation 4 and PC

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Boundless Announced for PlayStation 4 and PC

Wonderstruck the developers of Miss Take and Polycraft have announced a new cross-platform title called Boundless for PC and PlayStation 4. Boundless has a unique art style and falls under the building/survival sandbox genre such as Minecraft. The visuals in the game are quite appealing, and the game will be playable cross-platform on PC and PlayStation 4 which means you can play with your friends regardless of the platform they or you own. The game touts procedurally generated worlds which means every environment will have different shapes and forms, and wildlife creatures will also be unique.  Boundless looks quite promising, and we’re excited to see what else it has to offer in the future once more information becomes available, but for now you can read about it at the official PlayStation Blog. Don’t forget to check out the in-game footage down below and  stay tuned on Gaming Instincts for more details in the coming months. Boundless is bound to be coming out sometime next year for PlayStation 4 and PC.


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