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Boulder Dash

Boulder Dash 30th Anniversary Arrives on Steam for PC and Mac

Boulder Dash 30th Anniversary Arrives on Steam for PC and Mac

It was announced today by TapStar Interactive and First Star Software, Inc. have released Boulder Dash – 30th Anniversary for PC and Mac on the Steam store. Over 200 levels of classic arcade puzzle-action, the first level editor since 1987, shareable levels via Steam Workshop support, and a new Hardcore difficulty mode, make this the definitive Boulder Dash game in the best-selling series.

Check out the Steam trailer of Boulder Dash 30th Anniversary, showcasing the games’ features:

“The original Boulder Dash® was created by Peter Liepa with Chris Gray and published by First Star Software, Inc. in 1984. For Boulder Dash – 30th Anniversary Peter Liepa and Chris Gray have each created a set of 20 new levels, their first in over 30 years.

Key features for PC & Mac versions:

  • Fully-featured level editor – Create and share your own Boulder Dash levels!
  • Steam Workshop – Upload and share your levels with the world, download other user-made levels, and vote for your favorites!
  • Hardcore Mode – Falling gems kill you and there are no mid-level continues just like in the original. This brings a serious new challenge to many levels! (Normal and Casual modes are also selectable)
  • Control responsiveness and game speed have been fine-tuned for PC gamers
  • 220 levels included in the game, with Peter Liepa’s mind-bending “The Bouldering Comp” and the remastered original 1984 game levels “Classic Remix” each available as special DLC
  • Gamepad, joystick and keyboard support

About TapStar Interactive

Based in San Francisco with offices in Salt Lake City, Los Angeles, Montreal, Canada; and Saarbrucken, Germany, TapStar Interactive creates and publishes unique and innovative gaming experiences that appeal to a wide range of players. Its portfolio includes original and licensed IP, from location-based to casual puzzle games. TapStar works with talented game development teams from around the world, both for its own titles and for its third party publishing program.”

For more information on Boulder Dash 30th Anniversary, visit its Steam page.

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