Bossa Studios to Stop Support for Worlds Adrift in July

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Bossa Studios to Stop Support for Worlds Adrift in July

Worlds Adrift is a game where players would be able to create their own sky islands, ride skyships, and go on adventures with friends in this Community-Crafted MMO. The game heavily relied on its players to make islands and basically go on random adventures through a procedurally generated world. Well unfortunately the game won’t be playable to play fairly soon as Bossa Studios has decided to shut the online servers down.

That’s Right, Bossa Studios’ Lead Designer Luke Williams and Gamer-In-Chief Henrique Olifiers released a video on the Worlds Adrift YouTube channel that they will shut down production and support for the game at the end of July 2019.

In the video they explain that the game simply isn’t as big as they’ve hoped for and that they’ve only had 20% of the game finished content-wise. There’s still no creatures, lore of the world, or even any real puzzle or combat features on any islands.

It’s because of this that the studios will host an “End of the World” event on Twitch which will feature an AMA with the team. The details on this event will be announced on their Twitch, Facebook, Steam Forum, and Discord channels.

Before the game starts to close, players will have access to all of the cosmetics in the in-game store and will also be fully refunded for any purchases made to the game. Additionally, Founder Captains will receive a free copy of Bossa Studios’ other games, I Am Bread and Surgeon Simulator while having their names immortalized on the Worlds Adrift website.

In the meantime, players will have access to the Island Creator. While they’re unable to upload creations to the game itself, players will still be able to create Islands.

It’s unfortunate that a game that’s been worked on for a couple of years now, is getting the end that most players definitely don’t want. Hopefully Bossa Studios will get their other future projects done later on.

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