Perhaps one of the most anticipated, officially confirmed but unofficially revealed upcoming games is Gearbox Software’s loot and shooter, Borderlands 3. The developers have announced the next installment in the series is well underway, but since then the community has been left in the dark for any type of reveal.

This may all change, however, as the official Twitter page from Gearbox let loose a rather cryptic image which, if visual representation alone is anything to go by, we’ll at least be receiving some type of Borderlands info.

The message embedded in the image gives us the date and location of Gearbox’s panel at the upcoming PAX East, which takes place in Boston, MA on March 28, 2019. The biggest questions now are: is this Borderlands 3 or the rumored remaster? Or, is this even Borderlands related at all? We’ll just have to wait until the end of the month and find out, but one thing is certain: Gearbox sure knows how to tease its fanbase.

You can tune in to the PAX East panel for Gearbox, as well as learn more about the showcase here.

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