Bomb Rush Cyberfnk

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Releases New Trailer

Team Reptile, the team behind Lethal League, the 2D arena fighting game the drew heavily from games such as Jet Set Radio, is back with a new game. This time their game Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is straight up the Jet Set Radio spiritual successor you need in your life.

Announced last year with a small teaser trailer that conjured images of the Dreamcast and Xbox classics the game resurfaced yesterday during Nintendo’s indie showcase with a much better look. Best of all Jet Set Radio composer Naganuma Hideki will be composing the score in this game as well. He has previous worked with Team Reptile to compose the insanely awesome soundtrack for Lethal League as well.

The trailer starts off the only way it can to let you know that this is a Jet Set Radio-inspired game, unified blocky dancing. A few characters standing around as they sway their and and and legs in unison which was a key feature of characters in the classic game.

From there the game takes you through all the stuff you can do in the city. The game does not use rollerblades with characters grinding and wall running using their sneakers, however, they will get skateboards as well as a jet backpack. for quick jumps.

The game also looks to have cool characters designs and cell shading like you would expect from a game of this nature. Unfortunately, the one thing the game is missing from my childhood is Beat, the poster boy of Jet Set Radio. Thankfully Beat will be appearing in the upcoming Monkey Ball game as an unlockable character so it is not like he is completely forgotten.

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is currently slated to make a statement of intent in 2022. It will be available on the Nintendo Switch as a timed exclusive. Hover is also available across the Nintendo Switch and other platforms if you need your Jet Set Radio fix now.

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