Big City Stories

Big City Stories is Available Now on PS4

Big City Stories is Available Now on PS4

It was announced by Helfire Games, that Big City Stories, the first free-to-play city building game for the PlayStation 4 is available now! Players in the United States now have the power to construct their own city from a bird’s-eye-view and then run through its streets with the press of a button.  Big City Stories can be downloaded for free from the PlayStation Store.

Check out the launch trailer of Big City Stories, showcasing the games’ features:

“You begin  Big City Stories with your election as Mayor of a newly formed city. From there you grow your city from a small town to an epic metropolis by carefully planning every aspect of your urban landscape.  Construct buildings, lay roads, and balance your economy from above, then instantly drop into the city you’ve crafted. Drive through the streets with your citizens and complete missions from colorful characters that populate the city that you created. Play action-packed mini-games, show off your decorations to friends, and meet other Mayors in public spaces.

Although the developer, Hellfire Games, has been around for over seven years, this game is much more involved than their other titles.  Studio chief Jeff Posey stated, “Big City Stories is the most ambitious project our studio has ever undertaken.”  He added, “Big City Stories combines city-building with ground-level multiplayer action for an innovative new level of sandbox gaming.”

Key Features:

  • Enjoy a robust city simulation that lets you balance your economy by choosing from different building categories to keep citizens employed and your buildings producing.
  • Customize your avatar with a large selection of clothing items and sliders.
  • Place interactive objects like ramps, air jets, planks, and decorations to design race tracks, reach the tops of your skyscrapers, or give your streets a personal touch.
  • Interact and chat with other players in public spaces and invite friends into your city.
  • Complete missions given by a large cast of eccentric characters and complete action-packed mini-games for a multitude of rewards.

About Hellfire Games

Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Hellfire Games is the acclaimed indie developer of award-winning titles Home Tycoon™ and Novus Prime™ for PlayStation®Home on the PlayStation®3 system.”

For more information on Big City Stories, visit its product page.

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