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BFF or Die
BFF or Die

BFF or Die has Launched it’s Kickstarter Campaing

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BFF or Die has Launched it’s Kickstarter Campaing

Honey Tribe Studio, the dev team behind the co-op multiplayer game BFF or Die, will be busy this year as they level up development and promotion after enjoying a string of successes, as the new public demo released, being picked for the prestigious Develop Showcase in the UK, invited to PAX by Intel and launching its Kickstarter Campaing!

Check out the gameplay & player reactions video of BFF or Die, featuring the reactions and opinions of various players that tried the game at public gaming events:

“Each year Develop Conference picks a roster of indie games to showcase at their annual event, the largest game developer conference in the UK. From 100 entries BFF or Die was selected to be showcased alongside nine other independent games. This follows from BFF or Die winning Best Multiplayer in last years GameOn 2.0 exhibition in the UK.

Intel have invited Honey Tribe Studios to showcase BFF or Die on their booth at PAX in Seattle, USA. To help demonstrate their new Skull Canyon PCs Intel are featuring a range of local multiplayer games at PAX that are are perfect for friends and families to enjoy as a shared-screen, living room experience.

The latest demo of BFF or Die, alpha version 0.22.5 is available as a free download from Itch, GameJolt and Indie DB.

After a successful Greenlight campaign that ended after only six days, and seeing hundreds of people love playing the demo at public events, BFF or Die is now live on Kickstarter. The development team are hoping to raise £15,000 to enable further development. The campaign will finish on 31st August 2016. The main features that funding will enable are online multiplayer, additional content and time zones and a new dynamic soundtrack.

Rewards for backers include 3D printed mini-figures of the main characters. A photograph of the first prototype is on the Kickstarter page. Three new characters are yet to be designed and printed. Backers can also get early access to the online multiplayer mode, a visual development diary, special character skins and VIP tickets to the launch party. The higher tiers allow people to get directly involved in the creative process by helping to name characters and design levels.

The dev team will be taking BFF or Die to a variety of gaming events, large and small around the UK over the Summer. The final appearance will be at Insomnia Gaming Festival at the Birmingham NEC, UK in late August.”

For more information on BFF or Die, visit its Kickstarter page.


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