While the release along with the post-launch has been a bit rough for Bethesda’s Fallout mulitplayer title, Fallout 76, they don’t seem to be making the right moves in earning back the trust of their audience. A new update that hit the apocalyptic multiplayer title introduces players to the option of purchasing repair kits with real money, instead of navigating the wastes too discover the useful item.

Bethesda initially announced that no pay-to-win practices will be introduced to Fallout 76, keeping a clean and competitive environment for the game. The repair kit purchases won’t allow players to reign over others with dominance per se, but will grant money-flush players an easier method of keeping items repaired as opposed to the natural method of finding these elusive items around the game world.

While other microtransactions are nothing new to Fallout 76, all other in-game purchases using real money were strictly used for cosmetics only – not once hindering gameplay. Now, it seems, Bethesda has decided to begin to turn their backs on the community and their original promise.

The latest patch is live today, and along with the update comes a flurry of disgruntled players that seem to be keen to Bethesda’s shady decision. And while Bethesda has introduced both current and future updates that look to increase playability for Fallout 76 in recent months, this latest patch may leave a bad taste player’s mouths as it casually begins to goes back on what Bethesda initially promised regarding microtansactions.

Fallout 76 is currently available on the PC, Xbox One and PS4 and introduces new updates monthly to help bring the series back on track.

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Source: Game Informer