In the first episode of Sony’s new State of Play “event”, we got to see some new features shown off in Pixel Opus’ upcoming adventure game, Concrete Genie. The new, beautifully imagined trailer gives us a bit of background for the protagonist, as he struggles to stand up to towering threats of schoolyard bullies.

Amidst the tension, though, came viewings of his whimsical power to turn graffiti art into darkness fighting powers. This pint-sized artist has the ability to stand up to his foes with the power of his concrete artwork, creating living creatures and recreating his dumpy little town with his vibrant graffiti skills.

Check out the latest trailer for Concrete Genie below:

The trailer shows off plenty of unique puzzle solving, excellent zip-lining, playing casual mini-games and, of course, fending off the dark forces with your colorful art skills. Also announced what the support of PlayStation VR for Concrete Genie to help fully immerse yourself in the world and art around our brave hero.

Concrete Genie is an action-adventure title set to release this coming Fall 2019 exclusively for the PS4.

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