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Battlefront Launch Trailer

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EA has launched a gameplay release trailer for the highly anticipated multiplayer first-person shooter Battlefront. Developed by Battlefield creators DICE, the game has a ton of hype behind it, especially for the Star Wars fans. Recently, the game went through free open-beta testing and was praised for fun and fluid gameplay. We’re looking forward to playing Battlefront later this year on November 18th once it launches. For now, check out the official launch trailer for game down below and stay tuned for more information on Gaming Instincts.

Battlefront Launch Trailer

“These are exciting times for all Star Wars™ Battlefront™ fans across the galaxy, including the teams at DICE, EA, and Lucasfilm. Today, we’re thrilled to present the official release trailer for Star Wars Battlefront, giving you exciting glimpses of your upcoming battles across the battlefront.

Ground trooper combat on a galactic scale, iconic heroes and villains, epic Star Wars dog fights, and more await you on the battlefront on November 17th. The galaxy far, far away is now within reach. “


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