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battlefield 6 reveal date
battlefield 6 reveal date

Battlefield 6 Reveal Date Announced

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Battlefield 6 began making the rounds earlier this year as leak after leak dropped about the upcoming title. It was pretty clear that the game would see release this year, but the rest of the information was unclear.

According to multiple rumors, the newest Battlefield planned to ditch the World War setting of it’s past two integrations and return to a semi futuristic setting. This was further compounded when a video leaked online, showcasing what appeared to be the trailer for it. And yes, it did showcase a more modern setting.

Almost immediately after the trailer leaked EA began damage control by taking them down. It was then stated that this Trailer was not actually THE trailer but A trailer meant for Internal purposes only. A reputable Battlefield leak, Tom Henderson, disagreed with this statement claiming that this indeed was the trailer ment for the public.

While I cannot say that this statement is truth I can confirm that another statement made by Tom is indeed correct.

His claims that the Battlefield 6 logo will appear as a bright turquoise this year do indeed seem to be correct. That is because EA has finally offered us a brief glimpse of the logo which does match this color scheme.

Today EA took to twitter to post a teaser video that announces when we can get our first full look at the game. While the video only showcases some glitchy static and a title showing. Underneath that they state that we can expect to see the game June 9th @ 4PM CEST.

An interesting note about the video is the reveal only refers to ‘Battlefield’. While this could mean nothing as it is an event for Battlefield specifically, the franchise has chosen interesting stylization for the last two entries in the series.

Now with a date in hand all we have to do is wait.

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