Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 Among Worst Reviewed Games In Steam History

After months of hype, Battlefield 2042 has finally been released to the public just a few days ago and it looks like it is already not sitting well with consumers. Currently, it is sitting as the 8th worst-reviewed game in steam history, with over 29k in negative reviews as of yesterday.

Originally spotted by Forbes, via the Steam250 website, the game has entered the top ten worst-reviewed of all time on the platform. However, it can take some solace in knowing that it is not as hated as Konami’s recent attempt at rebranding the Pes franchise, eFootball 2022.

This negativity stems from a large range of issues that have been plaguing the game since its launch including broken vehicles, badly implemented hitboxes, poor PC performance, bullet registration and accuracy, a core lack of features, and plenty more. While Battlefield 2042 did receive a day one patch, it seems that did very little to curb the issues plaguing the title, and as a result, the game has received negative reviews on a large scale.

Players upset with the game have spent much of their time compiling a list of everything that is problematic in the game and honestly, it is a lot. On this list, we see plenty of issues that are not of a performance nature but oversights that make you question how a team that does this style of game consistently would not include them. These include lack of traversal options, no standard server browser, the removal of the popular class-based system, no in-game profile or stats page, no spectator mode, a less destructibility compared to previous titles.

While we can expect DICE to most likely begin developing patches and fixes for the title this damage has already been done. Earlier this year the game was delayed by a month and this makes it seem like it should have been delayed out of 2021 regardless of what that might do the franchise’s usual schedule. We also learned that built-in audio, something that is a must for a game with as many players per match such as this, was cut from launch and to be added later, a clear concession as they tried to adhere to their usual pre-holiday launch.

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