Battle Royale Craze, Resident Evil 8 and PS5 BC – The Primal Podcast #22

Join us on the Primal Podcast #22 where we discuss the on-going Battle Royale Craze and the recent happening and about to be announced Titanfall Battle Royale game (credit goes to TheQuartering – for breaking down the original story/souce) – Apex Legends. We give our opinion on how this game might work, what’s its about and how different it may be from other Battle Royale games and how EA is the next big publisher stepping into the zone of the genre.

We also discuss the recent rumblings of Resident Evil 8 and Resident Evil 3 Remake thanks to the recent leaks from Evil VR twitter account. Last but not least, it seems that Mark Cerny is responsible for PlayStation 5’s Backwards Compatible system, we discuss the patent that apprently either got leaked or fake to begin with. Either way, we’re here to have some exciting chit chat as always, so come in and join the fun. Stay tuned to Gaming Instincts for your latest video game news, reviews, features and much more