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Tropico 6 PC Launch Trailer
Tropico 6 PC Launch Trailer

Banana Republic Management Sim ‘Tropico 6’ Releases On PC Today Alongside Launch Trailer

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Players can finally achieve their dreams of ruling their very own chain of islands with the release of Tropcio 6 on PC. For the first time in the series players will build up and manage an archipelago, doing whatever it takes to attract as many tourists as possible to their rising tropical paradise.

Along with the release of Tropico 6 also comes the very enticing launch trailer for the Banana Republic managing title. Check it out below:

Find out if you have what it takes to rule your chain of tropical islands into a thriving main attraction. There’s plenty of new details and features in the latest installment in the nearly two decade long series. Throughout four different eras in Tropico 6, new leaders will rule their archipelago with an iron fist in a plethora of exciting ways. One new feature will have players sending out agents of their government to rob other countries of their iconic world wonders, such as the Eiffel Tower or the Great Pyramids.

You’ll also be able to partake in political and Election speeches to win over your people by making promises you can’t possibly cash-in on. Once you begin branching out into your other islands, aspiring political leaders may connect them via tunnels and bridges which are apart of an all-new transportation system.

Tropico 6 is available for the PC starting today and will release for the PS4 and Xbox One in Summer 2019.

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