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Ballistic Overkill
Ballistic Overkill

Ballistic Overkill Gets a New Gameplay Trailer

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Ballistic Overkill Gets a New Gameplay Trailer

It was announced by Aquiris Game Studio, that Ballistic Overkill is getting close to launch in early 2017 with a brand new gameplay teaser. Ballistic Overkill is a fast paced online PvP shooter, easy to pick up and play. With 7 unique classes equally capable of dominating a match.

Check out the gameplay teaser of Ballistic Overkill, featuring some gameplay footage:

“Skills and weapons are unlocked as you gain experience from battles, opening new ways to play and different tactics. The player can configure multiple loadouts, creating different builds for each soldier that offer a variety of gameplay styles.

The studio has been developing the game during the last 20 months, 14 of them in Early Access. It is thanks to a very active community that we made to the end of this development with a quite polished game. They have been participating on our forums, reporting bugs and suggesting many improvements (they even created a wiki and several guides for the game), if you are curious about the process, feel free to check our Trello board for more details.

As the result of all the iterations on the game, here are some of the most important features and improvements added to Ballistic Overkill:

  • XP progression system for each class and the player in overall.
  • Weapon skin drop lockbox system and Steam Market support.
  • Balanced and unique class and modernised skill and weapon customization system.
  • Brand new UI, more clean and intuitive.
  • Linux support.
  • Private standalone server support.
  • Performance improvements (both in the network and client code).
  • More than 10 official dedicated servers spread all over the world.
  • New map (to be added), some of them have been partially redesigned.
  • Spectator Mode.

As you may notice on Steam, we have a discount of 15% during the Winter Sale as a way to thank our players and supporters for sticking with us all this time.

Thank you for the patience to wait for us to get the game ready for preview.”

For more information on Ballistic Overkill, visit its Steam page.

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