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Back 4 Blood Coming To Gamepass At Launch – Rumor

The lack of any new Left 4 dead titles has left a lot of games upset over the years. The Valve franchise has laid dormant since the last title in the series released back in 2008. While many rumors cropped up over the years that a third game might be in the works, they have all fallen flat. While at this point it looks very likely we will never see that franchise make a return, the team behind the games is making Back 4 Blood, a game that is almost identical in nature except named something else… You know… For licensing reasons.

Xbox Gamers who are excited about the game have something to rejoice about, as the game looks poised to launch as a day one Xbox Game pass title. According to a YouTube live stream for the game that went live a little too early, among other things, it was listed to be coming at launch to game pass.

In all honesty, it is the perfect game to come to the service. Intended as a 4 player co-op game where you battle hoards of the living dead, giving access to so many people early on means that most people will be able to find people to play with. Many games similar to this in recent years have had to flesh their titles out post-launch in order to sustain a player base or even fix issues that it launched with, this should also help there.

Turtle Rock Studios has previously partnered with Microsoft on another co-op shooter called Evolve. The game received mixed reviews and unfortunately was gone before Game pass could have offered a risk-free way to try it.

Back 4 Blood will release October 12, 2021, for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

Source – Neogaf

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