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Call of Duty
Call of Duty

Attack on Titan is Coming to Call of Duty

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The Tracer Pack: Attack on Titan – Levi Edition Bundle is coming to Call of Duty: Vanguard and Warzone Pacific on January 20, in celebration of Attack on Titan’s final season. In this unorthodox collaboration, detailed in a blog post, Call of Duty players will get a 10 item bundle featuring cosmetics and new firepower. One of the most notable items is the Survey Corps operator skin for Daniel Yatsu, an operator featured in multiplayer and zombies. 

Daniel wears a brown jacket with the Wings of Freedom plastered on the back, an outfit made famous by the Survey Corps, a military group tasked with defending humanity from Titan attacks. The Survey Corps use ultrashard swords to cut through Titan skins, which will come to Call of Duty in the form of a legendary weapon blueprint. From a gameplay standpoint, this weapon, titled “Titan Piercer” will presumedly be used as a form of melee and function as a base weapon variant. On top of this, two more legendary weapons will be added to the stockpile, including “Yimir Curse,” a weapon suited for long-range combat, and “Historia,” a weapon, conversely, suited for run-in-gun scenarios. 

Every operator can utilize these weapons and access other cosmetic items that Attack on Titan fans will recognize right away. The bundle also comes with a “Secret Keeper” key charm, a hot potato sticker, a “Wings of Freedom” emblem, a new finisher move, an MVP highlight, and a highlight intro. The Levi Edition Bundle comes a week after season one’s mid-season update on January 13. A new operator, Isabella Rosario Dulnuan Reyes, will also be available before season one ends. There was no information about the price of the Levi bundle, but according to GameInformer, other bundles of the same size have cost $20. 

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