Catherine Full Body New Trailer Released

Atlus Unveils New Catherine: Full Body Trailer Showing Off New Features

Atlus released the original tower climbing, nightmare-having Catherine experience to fans eager for a raw and dramatic love triangle story all the way back in 2011. However, it seems they’re not ready to let go of the sheep-dreaming protagonist as the remastered Catherine: Full Body is narrowing in on its release date for the west later this year.

The new Catherine experience is chocked full of new features to entice returning players to experience the game once more, as well as expand the adventure and story for newcomers. Along with the official release set for the western audience, Atlus has also released a brand new trailer showing off what we can expect in the Full Body remaster.

Check out the new Death by Nightmare trailer below:

Not only will Catherine: Full Body remaster the original 2011 title with enhanced visuals and audio, but along with a new female character added to Vincent’s complicated love life will also add twice as many puzzles, a new ‘Rapunzel’ mini game, new branching story paths, new cutscenes, and much more.

It’s also been noted that all returning voice actors from the original Catherine will be making a return, including Troy Baker as Vincent, Laura Bailey as Catherine, and Michelle Ruff as Katherine. Brianna Knickerbocker will be debuting her role as the newest love affair to Vincent, Rin.

While Catherine: Full Body has already released in Japan this year, the west can expect to receive their copy of the remastered title on September 3, 2019 exclusively for the PS4.

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