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Atlas Reactor
Atlas Reactor

Atlas Reactor is Coming to PC on October 4

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Atlas Reactor is Coming to PC on October 4

It was announced today by Trion Worlds, that its simultaneous turn-based battle arena game Atlas Reactor will launch on October 4 for Steam and Glyph. The fast-paced team tactics game is available now for pre-purchase through Trion or Steam for £15.49; when Atlas Reactor officially launches on October 4, it will carry the full retail price of £22.99.

Check out “The Case” trailer of Atlas Reactor, featuring a CGI video of some characters of the game:

“Beginning today, gamers looking to get a taste of the game’s strategic, fast-paced action can put their skills to the test in the Atlas Reactor Open Beta (Sept 15 – 25). Founders who pre-purchase the game can jump into the full game early during Head Start, which begins September 30.

In celebration of Atlas Reactor’s Open Beta kickoff, Trion released the first full-length trailer for the game, a glorious 3-minute cinematic created in partnership with award-winning visual effects firm Blur Studio.

Described by Polygon as “Dota meets XCOM,” Atlas Reactor reinvents tactical team combat, combining competitive, fast-paced action with simultaneous turns in high-stakes, high-risk battles. Players must  outsmart and outgun their fellow Freelancers with mere seconds to survey the field, coordinate with their team and lock in their moves, all while watching the action play out all at the same time. By working together as a team and predicting your opponents’ actions, players must devise the best strategy to put themselves one step ahead of the opposition and achieve victory.

Open Beta – September 15th – 25th

All players are granted FULL access to Atlas Reactor from now through September 25th. That’s 10 glorious days to test out every Freelancer, skin, mod loadout, and team composition. Grab 3 friends, form a team, and dash your way to victory. This is the best chance to test out the full game before you decide to unlock all Freelancers now and forever with the Founder packs, and grab those awesome Community Rewards before they go away!

Getting Ready For Launch – Servers Unavailable- September 26th-29th

In order to prepare for the launch, we’ll need to shut down the servers for a bit, reset the accounts, verify the build, add some bells and whistles, light the fireworks, and and cuddle some puppies for stress relief. We’ll miss you just as much as you’ll miss us. But don’t worry, we’ll gather a bunch of awesome in-game swag to say “Thank you!” for helping us so much through this Alpha and Beta process.”

For more details on Atlas Reactor’s Open Beta and upcoming release, you can read the official blog post.

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