Artificial Defense

Artificial Defense Now on Steam!

Artificial Defense Now on Steam!

Artificial Defense is a one man made strategy game combining orbital shooter and tower-defense components within an electrifying virtual reality setting. You are the machine, a mighty computer-system defending its servers against swarms of intruding creeps.

Check out the “Playing the Conquer” tutorial video of Artificial Defense, showcasing some of the gameplay footage that takes place in the tutorial portion of the game:

Artificial Defense Features:

  • Unique game style – virtual reality, minimal, different
  • Unique game mechanics – a combination of RTS, Orbital Shooter and Tower Defense
  • Rich content – 49 challenges, 49 upgrades, 7 systems, 13 music-tracks
  • one man made – no dev team, no publisher, no contract work, just me: Thiemo

Action Description

Firing off miniguns, launching Hellfire missiles, dropping incinerating Hades-Bombs and colossal asteroids, deploying mighty railgun and acid towers and spawning your own Intrusion Counter Measures (ICMs) to reconquer corrupted databases and firewalls are just some of the actions you can take while fending off the creeps. Earn RAM and upgrade your arsenal and hardware level. Start as an analog punch-tape system and evolve into a quantum A.I. mainframe.

Offense – Orbital Shooter

There are 21 offensive weapons available, reaching from outdated flintlocks, over maverick-missiles to devastating meteors and neutron-bombs. You can switch between three pre-loaded weapon categories and launch the installed weapons every few seconds. Each round you fire costs you RAM and each weapon type has its own unique cooldown so you must choose wisely and adapt quickly to different situations. But beware, aiming requires some skill. Creeps are moving targets and your projectiles need some flight time before impact. You can unlock and install new weapons in the uplab.[/b]

Defense – Tower Defense

There are 21 defense towers available, reaching from pistol-sentry-towers, over incinerating flame-throwers to powerful long-range railgun towers. In addition there are 7 production towers which produce your main resource: RAM (Random Access Memory). Yes, building up a small RAM economy is very important, in order to keep your system routines running. Towers must be deployed by an expensive capsule drop and you have to find the sweet spot between the right amount of resource production towers and the performance of your defense perimeter. You can unlock and install new tower versions in the uplab.

Conquer – Real Time Strategy

Spawn Intrusion Counter Measures (ICMs) in order to conquer corrupted system-structures like databases, honeypots and firewalls. Databases e.g. spawn datablips, which carry valuable data and head for your backup-devices. Every datablip successfully arriving at its destination releases a certain amount of RAM, so you should do your best to protect those important but vulnerable convoys.

Company Bio

Thiemo Bolder is a German solo game developer. He never studied any game industry related stuff, but he believes in the power of commitment, passion and hard work. He plans to focus on creating hardcore strategy and hardcore simulation games in the future.


Artificial Defense is priced at $5.99 (£4.79, 5,99€) and is available to purchase now via Steam.

Release Sale

A massive release sale (34%) will drop the prize down to about $3,95 for the first week.

For more information on Artificial Defense, visit it’s Steam page.

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