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Julianna from DeathLoop
Julianna from DeathLoop

Arkane Studios Releases Deathloop Trailer

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Arkane Studios recently announced their new title DeathLoop at the PlayStation Future of Gaming event. The game will be published by Bethesda Softworks in the holiday of this year.

“Deathloop puts you in the role of Colt, a man with a unique problem. Every morning you wake up on the same beach with the same killer hangover, the subject of the same island-wide manhunt by the same entitled partyers. There’s only one way to free yourself from the loop, the island, and the cycle of slaughter: You’re gonna have to take out the eight people responsible for maintaining the loop. You’ve got to accomplish this nigh-impossible task before midnight, so you better get creative.”

The studio has also created games such as Prey, Dishonoredand WolfensteinNew Colossus. Which were all met with incredible success and praise.

The game is said to be available as a multiplayer experience, but this is completely optional and can be toggled off if unwanted. The trailer features fast-paced combat packed with unique abilities that can be used to turn the tide of the battle. It is likely that the game will have a stealth component too.

“You’ll experience Deathloop’s main story as Colt, hunting down targets across the island as you try to break the loop. Meanwhile, another player might temporarily enter your story in the role of Julianna, a rival assassin with her own singular goal: Protect the loop by eliminating Colt. Of course, if you’re feeling particularly villainous, you can slip into the shoes of Julianna yourself, jumping into someone else’s Blackreef for a tense game of cat-and-mouse.”

The game is currently being developed as a PlayStation 5 exclusive, and will hit shelves sometime around the end of 2020, the same time as the console.

Source: PlayStation

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