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ArcheAge Update 2.9 Out Now!

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ArcheAge Update 2.9 Out Now!

ArcheAge, Trion Worlds and Korean game developer XLGAMES’ free-to-play fantasy sandbox MMORPG, is giving players more freedom than ever before to build and expand their in-game communities with the game’s latest update, Ascension.

Update 2.9: Ascension introduces the all-new Player Nation System, allowing adventurers to create their own player-run factions and guilds, a castle upgrade system giving players the opportunity to develop owned territories, new tier 7 Obsidian weapons and armor, new bosses, dungeon updates, improvements, and much more.

Check out the Uptade 2.9 launch trailer that shows all the new features coming to ArcheAge:

Details around ArcheAge 2.9’s new features can be found below:

  • Player Nation System – Players will now be able to create a player-run faction to compete against or ally with the NPC-run Nuia, Haranya or Pirate factions. Each faction will feature a hierarchy of leadership, established by the founding player or Sovereign, and completed with a council of player faction heroes who bear the burden of defining their nation’s laws and partnerships.
  • Auroria Territory Development – The Lords of guilds who own castles on Auroria in Marcala, Heedmar, Nuimari or Calmlands zones will now be able to develop their territories with the sponsorship and effort of citizens who live beside them. Castles will now have a progression system allowing them to evolve visually and with deep functionality.
  • Obsidian Tier 7 Weapons and Armor – The Obsidian line of Weapons and Armor can now be improved from tier 6 to tier 7. While extremely difficult to obtain, these items possess a power level that is slightly higher than crafted Ayanad weapons and armor.
  • Mistsong Summit Saga Continues – Taris, a powerful new boss, has been added to Mistsong Summit. Once the dungeon’s three bosses, Aria, Dochul and Sojung have been defeated, the portal to Taris’ domain will become active to players.
  • Combat Skill Adjustments – All 10 combat classes have gone through balance and evolution changes, resulting in updates to over 40 active and passive skills. Battlerage, Witchcraft and Defense have received a decrease in overall power while Auramancy, Occultism, Archery, Sorcery, Shadowplay, Songcraft and Vitalism have received minor to substantial improvements.

To welcome the arrival of ArcheAge’s brand-new Player Nation system, Trion Worlds is hosting the “Path to Ascension” competition starting today, where the first guilds to declare nations will be rewarded prizes. For a limited time, players returning to ArcheAge will also receive several packages just for logging in, including 30 day limited items that can be turned into permanent items through the completion of daily quests. Finally, players who create and upload videos based on ArcheAge 2.9 will have a chance to be selected to win exclusive in-game prizes.

For a full list of new content in ArcheAge 2.9: Ascension, please visit the official Trion blog.

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