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PlayStation 4 Controller
PlayStation 4 Controller

Apple IOS 13 Update Enables DualShock 4 Compatability

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Sony’s Director of Peripherals and Esports and Marketing, Anand Agarwal, released a post today on Playstation’s Blog that tells users how to pair their DualShock 4 controllers to theri apple devices.

You can now pair your controller with the iPad, iPhone, or Apple TV without the use of any otehr peripheral. Mac compatability is coming this October with the release of macOS Catalina.

Players will be able to play the games with Apple Arcade with the controller and it will also support PS4 Remote Play as well.

The controller basically uses Bluetooth technology, so connecting might be a bit rough at first, but once you’re done you can use your new DS4 controller with your IOS device without a few features. These features include no vibration, no touch pad, no motion sensor, or the use of an audio jack. PsSharing options are locked at the moment on your phone, but everything else works just fine.

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