Apex Legends Revenue Drops Down 72%

Apex Legends has been in the limelight on release being called the Fortnite Killer upon release. It was an interesting team-based free-to-play game that seemed to improve on the Battle Royale mode as a whole. Well unfortunately according to the Nielson-owned market research firm SuperData, the game has dropped off its top ranking list for earnings on console and PC.

That’s right, according to SuperData, “Apex Legends generated $24 million in April, which is down significantly for the second month in a row. Monthly revenue now sits at just over one-quarter of the launch-months sales from February.”Now this is a pretty big drop since February’s launch month earnings generated $92 million.

Whether it’s due to EA’s Marketing or how Respawn isn’t pushing for overtime on it’s workers, this a shame since the game had such a huge following during its launch. Unfortunately the game showed a decline in popularity as the game dropped-off in Twitch viewing figures as in February, Apex Legends had 217,997 average views. Now the game barely goes over 20,317 views currently in May.

Along with this, players viewed the game’s first season pass as underwhelming as the skins for the characters and guns just weren’t appealing to the audience. Now it seems that Apex Legends will have to find more and innovative ways to win their audience back. One way they can improve in sales is with the use of the future mobile port of Apex Legends as PUBG Mobile made $65 million in March.

Apex Legends is a game that Respawn Entertainment needs to seriously work on if they wish to keep the game successful for the company and be popular with the fans. For starters, a new Map can be brought in and maybe more characters should be frequently introduced to the series. Overall the game could use at least something to gain attention from the public.

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