Apex Legends Early Quit Penalty

Apex Legends May Begin Penalizing Those Who Repeatedly Quit

Apex Legends is barely two months old so it’s still ironing out many features that help the gameplay for players overall. One big frustration when random matchmaking is losing a piece of your squad because a player randomly quits out, either due to disapproving of their randomly selected squad mates, having their favorite character taken by another player, or impatience of waiting fellow squad-mates to revive their fallen ally.

Respawn Entertainment is aware of the often abused tactic to quit out of matches virtually unharmed and it seems as though they are working to bring some type of punishment to the game for these particular players soon.

However, some players did notice this new punishment appearing early after the most recent update, but that was an error in the script code which lead to the update including additional features not listed in the patch notes. Since Respawn was made aware of the unannounced released patch content, the new punishment system has been removed, but the developers have stated in the Apex Legends subreddit that it’s something they have been working on.

While the the punishment system is no longer taking care of players quitting too early, we may seen this new feature introduced into the game in a future update.

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