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Anarchy Online Celebrates its 15th Anniversary

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Anarchy Online Celebrates its 15th Anniversary

Funcom announced with much excitement that Anarchy Online, their first Sci-Fi MMORPG and one of the longest-running titles in the genre, is celebrating its 15th anniversary today!

Funcom invites everyone who has ever played Anarchy Online to join in the festivities between June 23rd and July 11th (regardless of current Membership status) as part of the celebration.  New Membership offers, with brand new armor pieces, login rewards and the Desert Rider event are also part of the grand 15th anniversary celebration!

AO render

“Included with the anniversary is an all new Game Update which changes the Player vs Player attack windows on Notum Tower fields, where players battle for dominance over the planet Rubi-Ka. The update also introduces a new Research Line for end-game players, with powerful skill increases, and adds new Veteran Shop rewards with bonus Veteran Points for existing members.”

AO screenshot

“I wish to thank everyone who has been part of this extraordinary journey,” said ‘Anarchy Online’ Lead Designer Henry Senger.  “Anarchy Online’s incredible community has always been the heart and soul of the game, and I also wish to thank everyone who will continue the adventure with us, so we may go on for another 15 years!”

“An Immense Universe

Your adventure begins on the massive planet Rubi-Ka, where you join the Omni-Tek corporation, the rebellious Clans or stay Neutral. You can also venture into the enormous Shadowlands to fight legendary monsters, or defend the world against a brutal Alien Invasion.”

AO Concept

“Released in 2001, ‘Anarchy Online’ shaped the face of the MMORPG genre with its Science-Fiction setting and innovative features, including dynamic missions, item levels, and instancing.  A Beta version of a new ‘Anarchy Online’ rendering engine was released last year, and thousands upon thousands of players continue to explore the world of Rubi-ka today.”

For more information about ‘Anarchy Online’ or to play for free, please visit the official website at http://www.anarchy-online.com/ .

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