An Old Unreleased PS2 Daredevil Has Leaked Online

An unreleased Daredevil PlayStation 2 game has been released online. An executable and playable version of Daredevil: The Man Without Fear was posted on the Hidden Palace database website. According to the site, the game was initially in development for the PlayStation 2, Xbox and PC, but was canceled because it failed to get approval from Marvel. Now, players can experience a modified playable prototype of the game on an emulator or on a PlayStation 2 if possible, by downloading it from the site. The game was reportedly meant to feature an original story where players fought rival gangs in the series after the death of Kingpin.  A gameplay video showing off the prototype was also released.

The game’s details via the website:

  • Late prototype.
  • Was a third-person beat ‘em up action game based on the Frank Miller Marvel superhero comic of the same name developed by 5,000 Ft. studios. The game was intended to be published by Encore Inc. and was in development for the Sony PlayStation 2, Microsoft Xbox, and PC. The game was canceled due to Marvel’s ultimate refusal to approve the game due to the various changes that were made due to Sony’s recommendations that steered far from the original concept the developer had sold to the licensor.
  • Due to defects in this build’s mastering, the original build had to be modified to play. Included in the 7z is the original dump along with a version created by SolidSnake11 that should play.
  • Game might crash after the first chapter.
  • The game uses a silent compilation of footage from an earlier build post title screen.
  • The game credits are tentative and don’t have anything listed yet.
  • Game contains some game breaking glitches such as getting stuck behind walls.
  • Game displays a framerate floating point counter upon death.

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