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An Epic Games Store Database Seemingly Leaked Some Unannounced Games

A third-party Epic Games Store database website, called EpicDB, launched recently and has revealed several database entries for seemingly upcoming unannounced titles. Some titles are games that have already been confirmed to be in development, such as Lego Horizon Adventures, but other titles such as codenamed titles for unannounced games like Momo, which is likely a codename for Final Fantasy IX Remake, and other games like Remnant 3, Metal Slug Attack Reloaded, and an unknown Turok title was also listed. It’s worth noting that the website is currently offline. Additionally,  according to VGC, Epic Games has released an update preventing future leaks.

“We released an update so third-party tools can’t surface any new unpublished product titles from the Epic Games Store catalogue,” a spokesperson told the site.

A complete list of relevant titles via a ResetEra post and Gematsu can be seen below:

  • Frontier Developments
    • Planet Coaster 2
  • GIANTS Software
    • Farming Simulator 25
  • historia
    • Indigo (a 52-player racing game tentatively titled Penguin Game, see offers below)
      • Sandboxes
        • Live
          • Offers
            • historia_product – A live Epic Games Store page for an unannounced game from historia, tentatively titled “Penguin Game.” According to the description, it is a 52-player online racing game where the player controls a penguin and can use attacks and shortcuts to win.
            • historia-CBT – A live Epic Games Store page for the closed beta game test for the above game.
  • Konami
    • Deliver At All Costs
      • Gematsu‘s Note: This is an independent game developed by Far Out Games. It also has a Steam page.
  • Rockstar Games
  • Saber Interactive
    • Turok
  • Sony Interactive Entertainment
    • Utah (likely The Last of Us Part II Remastered, see custom attributes below)
    • Other Recently Created Titles with Codenames and No Identifiable Information:
      • SPTwalkthrough
      • Kondo
      • PSS Test App 3
      • PSS Test App 2
      • PSS Test App
  • Square Enix (Japan)
    • Momo (likely Final Fantasy IX Remake, see items below)
      • Sandboxes
        • momo Production
          • Items
            • Thunderbolt Armlet
            • Pre-Order Bonus “Thief’s Knives”
            • Early-Purchase Bonus “Tetra Master Starter Pack”
    • Skobeloff (likely Final Fantasy XVI, see custom attributes below)
      • Sandboxes
        • skobeloff Production
          • Items
            • skobeloff Staging
              • Custom Attributes
                • CloudSaveFolder: {UserDir}/My Games/FINAL FANTASY XVI/EOS/{EpicID}/
    • Other Recently Created Titles with Codenames and No Identifiable Information:
      • Butterkaka
      • Yamane
  • THQ Nordic GmbH
    • Remnant 3
  • Unknown Organization
    • VS
      • History
        • Property ProductName has been modified (June 12, 2024 at 2:02 a.m.)
          • Old Value: Ys vs. Trails in the Sky: Alternative Saga
            • Gematsu’s Note: Since this is listed under an unknown organization and not, for example, NIS America, it is unclear whether this is actually anything official.
          • New Value: VS

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