Characters from 2018's Warriors Orochi 4 release

Amazon Japan Leaks Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate

Another new Amazon leak has popped up, this time coming from the Amazon Japan region. The latest leak shows a listing of the unannounced Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate title which is presumed to be the full version of the 2018 game including all Season Pass and DLC for the game.

Check out the official trailer for the original release last year below:

While we can expect the Ultimate version to include season pass content, it’s also very likely this release will hit other platforms like the Switch, Xbox One and PC, as well.

The listing on the Amazon page has since been removed, but did mention new playable characters, new story arcs, new modes, actions and brand new side scenarios. Some of the new characters mentioned for the Ultimate version were new character Gaia and Joan of Arc who last appeared in Warriors Orochi 3. The Ultimate version is expected to be announced by Koei Tecmo later this week on August 29, 2019.

In case you missed the original release, check out the full features list form its Steam page below:

  • A dream collaboration starring heroes from DYNASTY WARRIORS and SAMURAI WARRIORS!
    Heroes from across the Warring States period of Japan and the Three Kingdoms era of China successfully defeat the evil Orochi and end his reign. After overcoming their desperate struggle to save the world, our heroes return to their respective eras – or so they think.
  • 170 playable characters – the most ever for the WARRIORS series!
    Experience Warriors Orochi 4’s narrative through the eyes of 170 characters.
    165 returning from across the Dynasty Warriors, Samurai Warrior and Warriors Orochi universes – with five new characters joining the roster.
  • Introducing “Magic” to the series, you can now experience even more thrilling and intense Musou Action!
  • All-new additions with characters being able to cast powerful magic abilities to wipe out their foes. Combining weaponry and magic can lead to devastating attacks which will stop enemies in their tracks.
  • An all new fantastical story that captures the essence of ancient mythology, planned and supervised by Yoshitaka Murayama!

For now , we’ll just have to wait a couple of more days until the predicted announcement date. It would be more surprising if they chose not to release an Ultimate version of the game, considering that’s been a staple in the series for some time now.

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Source: Gematsu via Twitter

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