Alone? Reveals its Early Access Release Date

Alone? Reveals its Early Access Release Date

It was announced by Deceptive Games, that its newest game Alone? is starting with all desktop platforms’, and is scheduled to release into Early Access on 28th August 2016.

Alone is a psychological horror game that changes the world as the player progresses, and aims to unnerve the player. Can you find the mystery behind your captivity and most importantly, can you escape this ordeal?

Check out the trailer of Alone?, featuring some gameplay footage:

“When Sam receives a letter from his sister asking for help, he ventures back to the hostel where he grew up. Little did he know, what he was about to encounter. Can you track down your missing sister, and discover the strange occurrences happening at the home where he grew up?


ALONE is scheduled to release into Early Access on 28th August 2016, and will be available for all desktop machines.

System Requirements:

Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7/8.1 with 3Ghz Dual Core processor, 4GB system memory, 3D card with 512 MB video memory and DirectX 9.0c, and 2 Gig hard-drive space.

About Deceptive Games

Deceptive Games is a newly formed independent games company of desktop and mobile games from South Wales, UK. Deceptive Games are also a registered Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo developer.


  • MULTIPLE ENDINGS: There are four endings, can you find them all? 
  • PSYCHOLOGICAL EXPERIENCE: Alone has been designed to provide a psychological horror experience, and aims to keep you unnerved.
  • PUZZLE ELEMENTS: Collect items to aid your survival and progression. 
  • ATMOSPHERIC ENVIRONMENTS: An eerie immersive world is waiting for you to explore.
  • RESOLUTION AND GRAPHICS: Designed to run at 1080p at 60fps (dependant on computer specifications game is run on).
  • INTERACTIVE ENVIRONMENTS: A large number of items can be examined and/or interacted with.”

For more information on Alone?, visit its official website.

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