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Airship Asunder
Airship Asunder

Airship Asunder Available on Steam Tomorrow

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Airship Asunder Available on Steam Tomorrow

Today it was announced by Sally Rough LLC the release of Airship Asunder, a steampunk airship colonization adventure game, that will be available tomorrow on Steam!

In Airship Asunder you can build your meager camps into a mighty empire from the bridge of your steampunk airship, on a quest to save your world from destruction! Bend the flat earth to your will with powerful magic spells, search the ruins of the Old Stoics for lost relics, and defeat the vicious Pirate King! Will you be able to stand against the chaos and reclaim your dying world, or will it be torn asunder?

Check out the Steam trailer of Airship Asunder, showcasing the games’ features:

“Published by Flying Interactive and developed by Sally Rough, Airship Asunder is a steampunk airship colonization adventure game on a crumbling, flat-earth world. Your game experience switches easily from single to multiplayer, with fully moddable game play. Rick Donnelly, the game’s developer, adds, “I took a pinch of Ultima IV, some Seven Cities of Gold, a cup of Intellivision’s Utopia, added some Colonization, then I baked it all together at 350F. The result is very different and engaging. I look forward to seeing your mods!”

Airship Asunder will be available on Steam Thursday, July 21st!


  • Colony Adventure: Build cities from your steampunk airship
  • Single or Multiplayer: Play with (or against) friends online
  • Drop-In Game Play: Easily join games already in progress
  • Full Mod Support: Change the game or make your own adventure

Sally Rough LLC is the independent development company for Rick Donnelly, a game industry veteran who has made Command and Conquer, Dungeons and Dragons, Lord of the Rings, and Star Wars games with AAA developers. He built Airship Asunder as an independent passion project, and has plans for further updates and additional content.

Airship Asunder is published by Flying Interactive, an independent digital video game publisher specialized in working with indie developers to publish, market and sell their games. Founded in 2013, the company has published eighteen titles on major digital storefronts, ten on Steam currently and more are coming.”

For more information on Airship Asunder, visit its Steam page.

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