Airheart is on Steam Greenlight Now

Airheart is on Steam Greenlight Now

The independent developer based in Zurich, Blindflug, announced today that their latest game Airheart, a rogue-like dieselpunk action game, has started its Steam Greenlight campaing now.

In Airheart, you play as Amelia – a young woman who flies an aeroplane, catching skyfish among beautifully-realised islands in the clouds. Amelia’s dream is to reach the stratosphere and catch the legendary Skywhale – a feat that promises riches and fame through the ages.

Check out the reveal teaser of Airheart, featuring some action-pcked gameplay footage:

“Skyfishing is a competitive business, where Amelia needs to avoid sky pirates and automated security zones, making every flight perilous. AIRHEART is a journey skywards through the clouds which allows you to upgrade your aeroplane and weapons in the ultimate quest to bring down the Skywhale.

“With such a beautiful world, AIRHEART is a refreshing and inspiring evolution of Rogue-like action games,” says Moritz Zumbühl Blindflug Studios CEO. “We’re excited to hear feedback directly from fans, and can’t wait to share more information on AIRHEART in the future.”

Game Features:

  • Flying
    Navigate your beloved aeroplane through the skylayers above the city of Granaria. Don’t crash or get shot – remember to always go back home safe.
  • Fishing
    Catch fish and sell them to buy new equipment. Be careful, some of them will try to hunt you!
  • Shooting
    Build your aero plane and weaponry, and remember: with the sky pirates, the best defense is a good offense. 
  • Harpooning
    Use your harpoon to reel in really big fish – disassemble your enemies or steal their weaponry!
  • Skylayers
    Find launch bases to advance to ever higher skylayers and see what waits for you on the way to the stratosphere!
  • Bosses
    Get ready to fight powerful bosses to advance. Being a sky fisherwoman is not a piece of cake.
  • Workshop
    Analyse scraps to craft blueprints to build new parts or buy them in the shop and prepare yourself to explore more and more dangerous places.
  • Amazing Graphics
    You know those hypnotising beautiful flowers, which hunt bugs? Well, that’s a great metaphor for the world of AIRHEART.
  • Great Music
    A custom made soundtrack promises to keep you energised and ready for the adventure!
  • Dynamic Gameplay
    With complex, random generated levels, AIRHEART brings hours and hours of fun.”

For more information on Airheart, visit its Steam Greenlight page.

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