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Activision Blizzard Staff Continue to Leave Company

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Activision Blizzard Staff Continue to Leave Company

Activision Blizzard is recently seeing a large number of employees leaving the company as many people claim that it’s due to the low morale pushing the talented workers to other opportunities.

The talks of low morale first started after Overwatch League Commissioner Nate Nanzar left Blizzard in order to pursue an opportunity with Epic games where it is speculated that he’ll work with Epic’s Fortnite League. The Global Director of esports for Blizzard, Kim Phan has also left this month, severely limiting the company’s esports capabilities.

According to a source from Dextero, Activision Blizzard esports CEO Pete Vlastelica, who left Fox Sports to take on this role in the company , and his team allegedly don’t understand esports and don’t  know how to handle the Overwatch and Call of Duty leagues.

Following the news of Activision Blizzard setting new records for revenue in a fiscal year, the company laid of around 800 employees many of which came from the esports department, meaning that the company’s esports leagues were already in jeopardy at this time. Now even more employees are taking a leave as the company is facing management issues.

If more high-profile employees decide to leave Activison Blizzard, the company’s esports division may get lead to a hiatus. As both Nanzar and Phan left, the morale of the employees must’ve been going down as some of the better managers of the company’s esports division just left.

The Overwatch League is something that has caught on with competitive gaming and the company’s esports division should be able to keep it going, but with many employees feeling like it’s hopeless the league may show some sort of decline. Maybe Activision Blizzard will have to come up with something soon or else more employees will be given more reason to leave.

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