Ace Attorney 6 will launch on June 9 in Japan

Ace Attorney 6 will launch on June 9 in Japan for the Nintendo 3DS

Recently it was announced by Capcom that the lawyer with the spiked hair will return to court once again in the new installment of the series ACE ATTORNEY 6, in this new game, a beloved character of the franchise will make her return, we are talking about the medium Maya Fey, a character that did not appear in the previous installment of the series. The game was announced in the Famitsu magazine back in Japan, and Capcom also announced that the game will also be released in the near future to the West.

Check out the 2nd trailer released:

Visit the official website of the game (in Japanese):

Check out a Special Introduction Trailer of the game:

Also you can check this awesome web-based demo of the game!

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