Abandoned Demo Delayed Due To Technical Issues

Today was supposed to be the day that Blue Box Game Studios showcased their long-awaited Abandoned Realtime Experience which was supposed to give players their first look at the upcoming PlayStation exclusive title. It was also supposed to finally tell us if this was secretly some kind of Kojima project in disguise, or at this point any number of possible things, including an actual game.

Earlier today the app went live for download, with the plan being to drop their first trailer major trailer for the game later today. In a twist that, at this point, is so Blue Box Studios, that trailer will not be released today due to technical issues. So everybody please add another red string to your conspiracy boards now.


If one goes on their PlayStation 5 and searches abandoned they will find an app for the Realtime Experience. They can then download the two-gigabyte app from the store to their console. The app itself is simply black with the words Abandoned on it and offers nothing more than a black screen on the main dashboard.

The issue is upon entering the app as it is intended as a hub for all information about the game, with trailers the run-in as the name would suggest Realtime on the system. Currently entering the app-only offers the words ‘come back soon…’.

There has been no news as to when this trailer has been delayed too and their tweet states that they will have it online as soon as possible. This means that it could be live in a few minutes, and hours, a day, or longer. This is not the first time the reveal has been delayed as it was pushed from June after rumors exploded that the project was secretly a Kojima project, with suggestions being Silent Hill.

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