343 Industries Addresses Halo Infinite’s Big Team Battles and Cheating

Many Halo Infinite multiplayer issues have been fixed since launch, and now 343 Industries is directing their effort towards Big Team Battles and an influx of cheating among the PC player base. After the Christmas break, a 343 Industries representative informed the community of its roadmap for fixing matchmaking issues for the 12 players, vehicle-based mode, Big Team Battle. For those unaware, players often receive an “Unable to Join” message when trying to play Big Team Battle, causing the mode to be inaccessible for some.

During Christmas, a small team worked on resolving this connection issue. Before releasing the fix to the public, the team is testing internally to ensure it will solve the problem without introducing any new bugs. Players should have the opportunity to return to Big Team Battles soon, as the community message mentioned that a future update would be arriving promptly. 

As for cheating, players have reported aimbots, used for immediate headshots, and other advantageous hacks, such as the ability to see through a map’s geography. 343 Industries plans to fix this in a mid-February patch, but they are currently focusing on Big Team Battles first. 

“For now, we are opting to Slipstream the [Big Team Battle] fixes given the broad scope of impact on all players. That’s not to say issues like cheating or wonkiness with the ranked experience aren’t important, but they have other dependencies and are on a bit longer timeline than this [Big Team Battle] fix, which is nearly ready to go.”

Lastly, 343 Industries thanked players for their patience and support while it works through these issues. The studio is dedicated to player feedback, opting to promptly solve reported problems. One of the first Halo Infinite complaints was about the slow battle pass progression, an issue that was fixed soon after launch

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