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Mirror’s Edge Catalyst – Closed Beta Coming + New Trailer

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Mirror's Edge


Mirror’s Edge Catalyst – Closed Beta Coming + New Trailer

EA has officially announced the closed beta for Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst. You can go to their website and sign up for the beta via your Origin account for any platform which includes PC, Xbox One, PS4. The game is coming out on May 24th, 2016. For those who don’t know, Mirror’s Edge is a complete reboot of the previously released Mirror’s Edge game during the last generation. The game was well received and considered to be innovative for its parkour FPS gameplay that no other game ever tried. Check out the official press release down below along with the new story trailer.

“Announcing the Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Closed Beta

Watch the new story trailer for Mirror’s Edge Catalyst and sign up for the Closed Beta

The rise of a heroine

We’ve been dying to show you more from Mirror’s Edge Catalyst – and now’s the time. Discover Faith’s amazing journey with this new trailer – from carefree thrill-seeker to true heroine. You’ll also get a taste of what you’ll experience as a Runner: unique free running and combat in the stunning yet perilous city of Glass. This is just the beginning. In the upcoming months, you’ll learn more about Faith’s story, the world around her, and the amazing gameplay of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst.

Sign up for the Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Closed Beta

May 24th release is complete. We’re happy to announce that a Closed Beta for Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is coming, and you can now sign up for a chance to be part of it.

The Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Closed Beta will be available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and on Origin for PC. Stay tuned for more info on the Closed Beta, when it’s coming, and other details.”



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