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100% Orange Juice
100% Orange Juice

100% Orange Juice Adds Challenge System and Winter Costumes for Suguri & Hime

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100% Orange Juice Adds Challenge System and Winter Costumes for Suguri & Hime

It was announced by Fruitbat Factory, one of the biggest content updates to 100% Orange Juice up to date in version 1.17 ~, with the landing of a new Challenge system with a new set of unlockable rewards. At the same time, a new DLC containing new skins for Suguri and Hime in their winter outfits has arrived in the store by popular demand!

Check out the gameplay trailer of 100% Orange Juice, featuring some gameplay footage:

“The costumes act as an all-new skin for Suguri and Hime, including corresponding customization of their own. If user does not previously have Suguri and Hime unlocked, the DLC will all the characters to their account.

This content requires the base game 100% Orange Juice on Steam in order to play.

The new costumes arrive alongside version 1.17 which includes one of the game’s largest content updates to date, in the form of a new challenge system and unlockable avatar poses!

Challenge system gives players a new challenge every day, and the reward points allow users to unlock new hair colors for every character, and different poses to use with their avatar, as well as other special bonuses!

100% Orange Juice – Suguri & Hime Winter Costumes DLC comes priced at $0.99. It is now available for purchase with a -10% launch discount, with an additional  -10% discount for owners of the 100% Orange Juice – All Stars Collection.

Fruitbat Factory, Ltd
English version developer
Fruitbat Factory is an independent localisation house focusing on bringing interesting Japanese games to English-speaking audiences.

Orange Juice
Developer of original Japanese version
Orange Juice is an independent Japanese game circle known for their quirky shooters. Developer of the popular online boardgame, 100% Orange Juice.
SOURCE:  Fruitbat Factory”

For more information on 100% Orange Juice, visit its Steam page.

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