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10 Important Details You Didn’t Notice in the Final Fantasy 7 Remake Teaser Trailer

The Final Fantasy 7 Remake Teaser trailer was just released during Playstation’s State of Play. While it’s a short teaser, there are some important details to be seen within the short 1-minute trailer. With that being said here are the top 10 important details you didn’t notice.

#10 Classic Cloud

Cloud is back of course and he looks just like he did in Final Fantasy VII, except updated for modern times. He still has the one bolted shoulder pad, the spiky hair, his signature Buster Sword and even his baggy pants. He even retains his Limit Breaker moves from the game as he is seen doing a Cross Slash later on. Unfortunately, we don’t see any overworld interactions like talking or answering people with the typical Final Fantasy text screen. He can however run and climb through levels to solve puzzles when not fighting. While there’s no footage of him messing around in Midgar, we can assume that there’s plenty of interaction and things to do out of combat.

#9 Materia?

Cloud has two slots in his Buster Sword for 2 Materia.

While Cloud may be retaining all of his moves from the original he may also retain the Materia system as his sword contains slots for Materia. There are a couple times where his Buster Sword seems to have a gem in one of the holes above the hilt so this seems to be the case. Both Cloud and Aerith use slashes that emit small blue sparks as they fight in some scenes, which could mean that they’re using Materia while fighting. This is important as Materia is used to power up your spells and abilities throughout the game.

The question is how in-depth they’re going to make the Materia system with all of the future party members. Are they going to make the system more streamlined and encourage players to mix and match abilities? Who knows, but Square Enix is usually generous on how they can get players to use its mechanics.

#8 New Combat System?

It seems that this remake is taking notes from FFXV as Cloud and his party members will have a sort of Open Combat system where you can take control of your party’s actions in the middle of a fight. This means in sticky situations, you can take control of Barret and unleash a barrage of bullets on a group of enemies while Cloud deals extra damage in the background.

There’s even a short look at the extendend Command menu in the bottom left 27 seconds in. You can see that the left and right triggers switch to other party members’ commands and can see shortcuts set for them. It’s unsure if the combat system is exactly like FF15’s but some team combo attacks would be interesting to see.

You can switch on the fly who you will play as in a fight.

#7. Aerith’s English Voice Acting

Everyone’s beloved flower girl is back in this remake, and she looks great. She still greets Cloud during the bombing run will attempt to give Cloud a flower. While the choice of taking or rejecting her flower might be absent in the remake as the moment takes place in a cutscene, there is something to notice here. When she offers her flower to Cloud, you can see that the scene uses English lipsyncing. Does this mean that the game uses different lipsync for each language, or is this specific only to the English versions? If this is true, that means that Square Enix has stepped up their cutscene game and if not at least the game is completely localized for the West.

#6 Returning Enemies:

The bosses Guard Scorpion and Aps both make an appearance and look just like their original counterparts except updated for 2019. Most of the enemies in FF7 looked goofy and strange at times which is one of the charms to FF7. They even brought back the Sahagins, which are basically turtles with spears that Aerith and Cloud fight halfway through the trailer. This means that creatures like Cactuars and Chocobos will most likely retain a similar appearance to the original for modern audiences.

Guard Scorpion will make a return and will attack it while its tail is up.

It’s nice to know that Square Enix will stay faithful to their old character designs to the very end. Let’s just hope that the frogs make a return to turn your whole party into amphibians for 30 minutes straight.

#5 Jessie, Biggs, and Wedge

You can probably appreciate the original art designs being used in a modern Final Fantasy VII game.

Biggs and Wedge are a pair of goofballs that play supporting in Final Fantasy VII. Along with them is their friend Jessie, who helps a lot throughout Cloud’s adventure with an option to flirt with her at times. Aside from that it seems that they will still serve the same supporting roles as they don’t seem to be party members for Cloud at least at this point. This is unfortunate since they have new updated looks that make them look more capable of fighting.

#4 Where’s Tifa

Tifa is clearly fighting alongside Cloud and Barret, but she’s always out of view.

Tifa’s name can be seen everywhere in the trailer, such as the few times she fights alongside Cloud and Barret, and in the sewers fighting with Cloud and Aerith. The only problem is that she’s never see on-camera. It seems like the developers have cleverly hidden Tifa from view, either because she’s simply not finished, or maybe she has an important design change. No matter what it is, it can be assured that she is definitely in the game and is fighting alongside the party.

#3 Meeting Sephiroth early?

When does Cloud meet this mysterious man?

Sephiroth is shown prominently in the trailer as Cloud is confronted by him in a destroyed factory. It’s known that you do not really meet Sephiroth until halfway through the game. Could the story be changing up in this universe, or could it simply be a flashback Cloud will witness briefly? It would make more sense if Square Enix wants to flesh out FFVII’s story as it gets convoluted near the end.

#2 Just episode 1?

The Final Fantasy 7 remake is announced to be released in episodes and by the looks of it, the whole trailer might be episode 1. Some f the scenes in the trailer take place just near the beginning of the game where Cloud is blowing up the first reactor to destroy the boss there. Then also there’s gameplay of Aerith and Tifa in your party when they get dropped into the sewers by Don Corneo. As it’s a teaser, it would be hard to put every single thing we need to see in a 1-minute trailer, but if all of this is in the first episode then that means that there will be plenty to see on release.

Who knows how the episodes will work, since there’s plenty of downtime in Midgar? What will the towns you visit look like and what can you do there? Also when the world opens up, what can we expect to see?

#1. Release on PS4, not PS5?

The game is being released on the PS4, not PS5, PS4. Sony confirmed that the PS5 will not release in the next 12 months, and based on that, this means that the remake will be released within that timeframe if not sooner. Not only that, it means that Final Fantasy VII will most likely come out with a PS5 version as well as we can’t leave Final Fantasy VII hanging while the new generation comes out.

They’ve also announced on Twitter saying, “Most of the plans are already in place in the run up to launch, so please bear with us a little longer until we can release more information next month.” If the game is being released this year, then they will more than likely tell us in June.

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